Thursday, November 22, 2012

Good Morning Birthday Coffee

Today's my 27th birthday.  I love my birthday (really, all birthdays).

This morning, Dustin woke me up with my favorite holiday coffee.  Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha.  It's a classic and has been my go-to for ages.

See here:

Also, while I was sipping my delightful cup o' joe, he played a song for me.

Listen here:

Good Morning Coffee by Greg Brown on Grooveshark

What a wonderful way to begin the celebration of my birthday.  Or any day really.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving too!!

I'm a Turkey Baby.

Here are some more pics of this awesome day.

Descending the stairs as Taylor Swift's voice fills the house.

I'm doing my birthday dance.  It's awesome.  Can't touch this...

Admiring the decor and gifts and treats!  I have WONDERFUL friends!

Full of joy...they're singing Happy Birthday!

Baklava, via Manakeesh!  My favorite!!!!
That's it for now.  Off to play Soccer-Tennis.  If you've never heard of it, check it out here.  It's SO fun!

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Frankenstorm and Stuff

What a whirlwind this past week has been!  I can hardly believe it's already November (the best month of the year, btw) and that I have survived the month of October.  So busy, ya'll.  So busy.

Here are a few photos, for your viewing pleasure.  I'm learning to knit, so I'm keeping this brief in order to return to my knitting coma.  

Besides, I know pictures are worth a thousand words and that means you don't really wanna read about it when you can look at pretty pictures.  I wasn't born yesterday, just this month.

Erin and I.  Probably watching Castle on
Dad and Rebecca!!!!!!  They came to visit last week.  We had a great time.  This photo was taken at the Italian Market in South Philly.  Dad kept asking where the Italians were.  I forgot how embarrassing he can be.
Dustin perusing the produce.  This is the BEST place to go for affordable, fresh produce.  A bunch of asparagus sells for 75cents to $1 per bunch.  I saw blackberries for $1.50 per pint.  Ridiculous!
Dropping the 'rents off at the airport.  They left just before Hurricane Sandy blew in.  Becca crocheted my awesome purple slouchy hat.  Love it!  Perfect timing too because it's coooold!

 ** SIDE NOTE for all concerned parties:

We survived the storm with minimal to no damage at all.  Monday night was VERY windy, but we never lost power and watched "Soul Surfer" as a house (minus Janell because she thought the movie would be too corny!) all huddled up in mine and Dustin's room.  We had popcorn and hot chocolate to boot!  Needless to say, we emerged unharmed.  Unfortunately, not everyone can echo that.  Please keep the families/people in New Jersey and New York in your thoughts and prayers.

Happy Halloween!!  We thought we had trick-or-treaters, when we actually had a special delivery for Amy!!  Her parents sent these cute little cookies to her (which actually means to everyone!).  The ribbon in my hair was decoration in the cookie tray.  I figured, it's Halloween, why not be festive.  I'm bringing back the high-pony and hair ribbons ya'll (and bangs, ha!! Can anyone say 1999, 'cause I can!).  Watch out!

It's a family tradition.
A Lloyd family tradition to be exact.  The tradition being chili and doughnuts on for dinner on Halloween.  You use your doughnut to dip in your chili.  It's not bad.    And I'm J/K-ing.  Well, about dipping the doughnut in your chili, it's more like dessert.  The four in the top-right corner.  They're pumpkin.  And amazing.
Also, we talked a lot about our Halloween traditions, which was really fun because I don't remember really having many traditions for this holiday.

I mean, Halloween for me = dressing up as a Bible character and going to the church for a "non" Halloween event (aka, Harvest Happenings).  There were lots of games, like fishing for candy, Musical Chairs, Cake Walks, and a Costume Contest.  Lots of candy, no witches or ghosts or skeletons.  We did carve pumpkins and visit the grandparents and relatives to collect our fair share of candy and Popcorn Balls!!!

As I got older, I remember going to the Ashby's Halloween party, which was always a blast.  They definitely went all out on decorations and food and fun!  For some reason I always remember  my brothers friend Corey dressed up as a Sailor with a mustache drawn on.  It's a funny memory, but I can't remember why it's so funny.  I digress.

Oh, funny memory that was shared from dinner last night, Janell had similar childhood memories like my Harvest Happenings stories, but her's were a little more, well, sad.  Her dad is a dentist (need I say more). And, well, she had to trade in her candy once she got home from her church non-Halloween function, for sugar-free candy disks.

Amy and her siblings were only allowed to have two pieces of candy before going to bed. Bummer.

Erin's parents picked out the candy they wanted from her and her siblings Halloween loot.  Unfair.

Caleb stashed/hoarded all of his candy in his sock drawer, so no one would find it.  He's on the verge of turning into a sugar cube.

It was fun to share memories and traditions with my friends last night.  Being in community with these people makes me feel like I have access to a lot of really cool ideas, traditions, experiences that I may not have ever thought of or experienced on my own.

I'm thankful for that.

I guess I wasn't so brief this time.

You know what I would love?  I would love for anyone reading this to share their (non)/Halloween traditions (vintage or new!) or memories.  It would be an easy way for people to start new traditions or add to the ones they already have.  Also, it's fun to remember these things.

If you can't comment on this blog, feel free to leave it on my Facebook page.  Sometimes that's easier.

Well, until next time my dear friends....

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