Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our New Home!

After almost a month of deliberation & negotiation, we've finally  sealed the deal....
Check out our new place!!

It's in West Philly, on the edge of University City...
It's a GREAT location for Dustin's work and there's so much to do within walking distance.

Exterior View

4 Bedrooms (very spacious!)
2 full baths
Front Porch
Living Area
Dining Room
Basement (mostly for storage)
Lots of Natural Lighting!

Living Room, view into Dining Area
View into LR
LR - Stairs up to 2nd & 3rd Floors

LR - View from Stairs
Dining Room - Bay Window!!
Dining Room - View from Bay Window
Dining Room - plate rail & old school wall paneling
Kitchen - Butcher Block Counter & DISHWASHER!!
Another view of Kitchen - not huge, but larger than what I have known for the past several years.

2nd Floor, Front Bedroom - Bay Window

2nd Floor, Front Bedroom Closet
2nd Floor, Front Bedroom
2nd Floor, Rear Bedroom - Awesome closet on the left
2nd Floor, Rear Bedroom
2nd Floor Bathroom
2nd Floor Bathroom
2nd Floor Bathroom
2nd Floor, Rear Bedroom - Bay Window!
2nd Floor Hallway
3rd Floor, Front Bedroom - Bay Window!
3rd Floor, Front Bedroom - Closet
3rd Floor, Rear Bedroom - Closet
3rd Floor Bathroom with stand up shower
3rd Floor, Front Bedroom
I have already started packing.  We have to be moved out of our place by the 1st of August; only 6 days away!  Supposedly, we will be getting keys no later than Saturday.   It's going to be a busy week!  

I am definitely very excited!

That's all for now, I will hopefully have an update once we've moved everything in.

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the rave


  1. looks awesome raven ! congrats!

  2. Raven, I am so proud for you, it is beautiful. I hope it has a spot for Dad so I can come for a visit this fall/winter.


  3. Raven! I'm absolutely in love with it. This is like... my dream home. I'm super jealous.

  4. There is always a spot for you and Becca, dad! You too Rob...come visit!!

  5. It's absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to see it live & in person!

  6. How awesome. You may never want to move from there! There is definitely room for the Roland Clan! :)