Thursday, March 15, 2012

Life Is Happening...Pictures Mostly

The title says it all....Life is whirling by so this a "pictures mostly" post. No time for a lot of words.

I've been busy.  I'm still busy.  But I want to stay in touch, so bear with me please!

Erin Miller just moved in almost a month ago...I helped her re-finish a couple of her dressers.  They turned out so great!

We've had a lot of visitors lately...and more to come hopefully soon, ahem mom, dad.

Dustin and Josh and Rocky

Room's a mess.  Life is happening.

Dustin and ventured into University City (not a far venture) to see Todd Snider in concert at the World Cafe Life.
P.S. Dustin's mom Kim, crocheted me an awesome cowl scarf. See, isn't it great?!

Toddy Boy

Afterwards, waiting on the bus. I was beat.

Just added some new stuff to my Etsy gotta check it out!

Also, I've been using some of my design skills to conjure up wedding invitations for some friends, as well as shower invites and birthday invites for my nephew.

Here's a sneak peek...(the invites haven't been sent out yet, so I didn't want to spoil it for anyone!)

I've been working hard at the "bone yard", (Janell's term for the chiro. office I work at) and at the the Repurpose thrift store.

Things are going well, they're just going, going, going.

I promise I'll write sooner.

Keep Posted,

the rave


  1. I'm impressed. Especially love the refinished dressers. I have two dressers that could use some freshening up, but they will have to wait!

  2. Raven, the dressers are great! I have a dresser I was just thinking I could paint that very turquoise color. Love the invitations! Love the man Dustin!!! Hope you all are well! Have not heard a peep about you guys in awhile. Take Care