Monday, July 23, 2012

May - Catch Up

It's been almost three months. These things happen.

I must say, I've been a busy little bee since May.

I don't know about you, but I love lists.  My days run more smoothly when I have a list.

So let me break it down for you, Rave-a-lave style...

1. Throw a most awesome shower for the soon-to-be newlyweds.
2. Attend and participate in the above mentioned wedding and all pre and post wedding activities.
3. Begin designing lovely wedding invitations for another soon-to-be married couple.
4. Work at Chiro. office.

1. Continued work and meetings concerning wedding invites.
2. Coordinate volunteer schedules at the Repurpose Shop.
3. Work at Repurpose Shop.
4. Work at Chiro. office.
5. Production of samples for the wedding invites.
6. Sew/refashion thrift store finds.
7. Refinish old juicer.

1. Finishing touches on wedding invites.
2. Order, assemble, deliver the finished wedding product.
3. Assist friends in moving from old apartment to apartment.
4. Work at Repurpose Shop.
5. Work at Chiro. office.
4. Attend XPN Music Festival.
5. Alter two bridesmaid dresses for Amy.

I won't even bother including daily household duties (laundry, bills, cleaning, grocery shopping, meal preparation, etc.).  I am sure you all know lots about that.  How do you people with kids get anything done?  I am sure you ask yourselves that same question.

Let me quit boring you with my chatter and move on to the pictures, the documentation of my life.  That's my favorite part anyway, of my blog and blogs that I like to read.

It's just a recap of events from the past couple of months.  Enjoy!

 Couples Shower - May


Some of the food and decoration

Mills and Amy

The beautiful bride-to-be
Dustin and Rob's rendition of "Wagon Wheel" (see below for full effect)

Potter/Faile Wedding

On our way to the rehearsal dinner.
Dustin, Brent, Erin, Me & Kim 
These things happen.
Embrace it.
Post rehearsal lingerie shower. 

We played games.
I think I'll stop here.
Prepping before the wedding. 

Erin and Elisabeth (Peter's mom). 

Beautiful people.  Beautiful wedding.

Erin Potter is now Erin Faile, which is really strange to say.  

Peter and Erin honeymooned in the Dominican and came back the darkest shade of tan I've seen on a body in a long time.  It was almost blinding.

I admit, I was super jealous.  But I'm over it now.

I have a lot more to post about, but that's all I can manage for one day.  Stay tuned if you're into homemade stuff, i.e. Laundry Detergent...Eva' heard of it?

Keep Posted,

the rave


  1. So cute. What a fun shower and wedding. Love the song!!! Oh, and there is NEVER enough time in the day!

  2. Thank you for sharing! Loved it all especially YOU!!!!! Shower decor...super fantastic! Song....totally awesome! Erin...gorgeous bride! Rave...all the above and so much more!!!!! I love you and mis you precious daughter!!!!