Monday, July 29, 2013

Almost Famous

So, The Simple Way puts out a publication, called Conspire, on a quarterly basis that, to put it in their own words, "celebrates creativity, connection, and faith amongst a growing network of subversive friends".  Check it out (and subscribe!) here.

My dear and totally awesome friend, Janell, is in charge of a lot of stuff that happens at TSW.  Check her out here.  She's just so cute!

Anyway, she needed someone with a lot of class, a great smile, and awesome hair that also knew how to knit, to star in this preview video for the Summer 2013 Conspire issue.

She thought of herself first (duh), then remember that she doesn't know how to knit (double duh), so she called me (triple duh).

I graciously accepted with the stipulation that she must let me borrow any of her clothes that I wanted for the next forever and ever.

She immediately hung up on me.

Then called back, apologized, accepted my conditions, and promised never to be so rude again.  I forgave her.

After a flawless film shoot with TSW's videographer extraordinaire, Dan, who's from a place across the ocean where "pounds" refer to money and not weight, and they say things like "jolly" and "bloody" and "cheerio" (not referring to cereal), I let him thank me for my time and lending my highly demanded screen presence and sent him on his way.  (Whoa, long sentence. Sorry.)

And after a much anticipated 24 hour wait, my movie came out on Youtube.  It hasn't gone viral yet, but I'm sure it will in time.  They must have forgotten to put my name in the tagline.  Amateurs, ha!

Prepare yourself for star quality.

Okay, okay, I am finished being silly!  But I had a lot of fun writing this post!  I actually acted out this post as I was writing it, (and I am laughing at myself, right. now.)!  Imagine me in front of my computer tilting my head back and laughing as I think to myself, "Amateurs, ha!"

I'm sure you can tell fact from fiction here to realize that I made most of this up.  But hey, I am in a video filmed with a really expensive, professional camera.  When will that ever happen again!?  Thanks Janell and Dan and The Simple Way!

Okay, back to packing and stuff.  T minus 1 day until we're GA bound!!

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  1. I love this! So cool. I have been thinking about you guys so much. I am so happy you will be back in GA soon.
    This is the class Andrew and I took. I keep forgetting to tell you about it.

  2. That is so fun! Do they need a crochet fiend? Lol jk glad you're headed this way as well now ashley, you, and myself can start out business plans! *** Jordan