Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Philadelphia Countryside

Philadelphia countryside....it may sound like an oxymoron, but believe me, it's out there.  After we returned to Philly from having Christmas with the family in Georgia, Dustin and I were craving some serious QT with mother nature.  It's easy to forget the convenient beauty and peacefulness that accompanies being surrounded by rolling mountains, thick, fragrant forests, and smooth, cool lakes...especially amidst the sounds of honking horns, neighborhood chatter, and the lives of hundreds of human beings struggling through life, all on one block.  Back to the point.  Lucky for us a friend had happened to mention the whereabouts of a small state park, conveniently located close to our home.  Dustin had just gotten a new dutch oven for Christmas too, so of course he was eager for an opportunity to try it out.  We had all the ingredients for a fun filled outdoor experience: the itch to be one with Mother Nature, a new dutch oven with an insane recipe for heavenly orange biscuits (courtesy of Nathan and Danna Vaughn) , and a few good folks...me and the hubby and Sandy of course!  Trust me, your outdoor experience isn't complete without the Sandman!  It ended up being pretty cold, but the biscuits turned out great and we wandered upon some pretty cool things.  P.S. Who knew that cooking with a dutch oven required so much attention and expertise!

Check these biscuits out! YUM!

This is pre-Orange Lovin: Dustin's favorite part (and probably the fav of every sugar-toothed Tommey out there)!

The Secret to Excellent Dutch Oven Cookery.....Coal Distribution!

Post Cooking....Orange, Sugary, Heaven-on-Earth

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  1. HOW did I miss this original post?! Great job on the OCBL (Orange Cinnamon Biscuits of Love)! Makes me want to get back to the woods. I hope that you guys are doing great.