Saturday, May 29, 2010

K Laundromat

When I moved out on my own for the very first time, I was fortunate enough to have friends and family willing to donate their used, sometimes out-dated, home goods to my great endeavor.  My Gran and Pappy were able to give me a fairly new but used washer and a very old but capable Whirlpool dryer.  That was in 2005 or 2006.  That washer and dryer have treated me very well considering their age and the fact that I have moved them from city to city and house to house numerous times.  Exactly 4 times, since my ownership.  After this last move, the Whirlpool seems to be begging me to put it out of its misery.  I can't blame it though, it's had a good long life and it's probably just plum tuckered out.  Seriously, if I had to blow out high heat and toss around wet clothes for a living I would be down to a size 0 with bulging muscles and leathery skin....and a possible mustache. All of that to say, that I have been going to the laundromat to dry (sometimes wash & dry) mis ropas sucias.  I was a little uncertain at first about it because somewhere along my life I have conjured up an image of laundromats as dirty, sketchy, coin-change-only places of business.  Though the outside of the building could hold that reputation, the inside speaks of a different way of doing laundry!  The K Laundromat in Clifton Heights is the freaking bomb!!  No lie.  I have dreams about doing my laundry on the weekends at this place!  Big screen TV's, clean, high-powered washers & dryers, snack machines with snacks AND trial size laundry products!  Oh, and one of my favorite things are their portable clothes basket/racks.  I know I sound mentally insane, but I'm telling you, this place is pure joy for me.  The lady that holds this place together is a tiny Chinese woman named Jean. She loves Opra and boiled peanuts.  She's the queen of everything laundry and I can only hope to attain such laundry savvy-ness one day.  Ok, so enough chattering, here's the evidence:

Walls and walls of high-powered, fast-drying machines!

I dried 4 loads of laundry in 1 hour.

You can't beat that!

Yes, wash 4 loads for $3.55 and dry them ALL for FREE!!!

(Sorry I tried rotating the pic, no luck)

Arrived packed to the brim with dirty clothes.  Left filled to the top with clean, neatly folded clothes.

A Laundry Diva's best friend:
Dryer Sheets & a Good Book (Dr. Zhivago, not sure it if makes the cut of a good book, but I am still fighting through it, so I will let you know)

I loved watching all of the laundry spinning around in the dryers.  Especially when there were colorful beach towels tumbling was kind of pretty!

Meet the Queen Mother herself:  Ms. Jean.  She works there pretty much everyday and she is always so helpful when I have dumb questions about how much detergent or how to wash pillows (p.s. they have HUGE dryers to dry your pillows, mattress pads, quilts, etc.  You could fit a classroom of small children in one of those!).  I always hated boiled peanuts, but she insisted that I try them.  So, I caved and gave it a shot.  They aren't half bad.

The blue thing is the corner is a folding table.   Awesome.  I wish I had one at my house.  It makes folding things semi-enjoyable.

I will be posting very soon about several upcoming events : Carnival in Clifton (a real, live, Lake Winnepasaukah in my backyard), Jon & Casey's Wedding, Caitlin & Chase's Wedding, Vegetable & Strawberry Harvest, & The Spectacular 4th of July event that conveniently happens in our backyard!

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  1. Ok, even though we aren't related by blood, we share some of the same bizarre traits. I can understand, on a cellular level, how you are so in love with the laundromat!! If we're able to come visit, I am definately taking a side trip to experience it for myself and meet Jean and partake of some of her boiled peanuts while washing and drying a giant pillow....just because I can! (I've always loved boiled peanuts, but didn't think anybody north of Tennessee had ever heard of them...especially a little Asian laundromat owner in Philly!) Can't wait to see you next week!!! Keep blogging!

  2. I love this!!! You are amazing, and I am greatly blessed to have had you in my life!!!