Sunday, July 4, 2010

Feels Like Home To Me

THE SEARCH IS OVER!  We have finally found an apartment!!!  Let me give some background info.  Earlier this June our community had to make a decision about our living situation due to convenience for all parties involved.  My house-mate Erin Potter will have to drive to Camden, NJ everyday all year for her internship which would cause her to drive about an hour and a half one way from our current location.  But I work in Springfield, PA everyday so moving to a location closer to Camden would potentially cause my driving time to sky rocket!  Getting to the point, Dustin and I decided it would be better for us to move to a location more convenient for the two of us and Potter and Miller moving to a location more convenient for themselves.  Hence, we have been on the housing search for the last month.  Well, we finally have it settled, and thanks to my lovely blog I am able to share our great place with you! Here we go....

The Facade...this place is incredible.  It is a historic home in Lansdowne, PA that has received a "Beautification Award" for being restored to close to it's original condition.
The Living Room - the ceiling fan has a remote control...totally not necessary but so cool!
The Kitchen
The Dining Area

The Bathroom - The mirror over the sink is like a medicine cabinet that is actually built into the wall! Super cute!
The has a door that opens up into a storage area of the house...sort of like a mini attic for us to store our non-essentials!

  I am soooo excited!  We will probably move in in a couple of weeks.  Here's a You-Tube video of walk-through of the house...You will get to see the front porch and the entryway and our front door, all of which are so great! The Tommey Home

Let me know what you think!

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  1. Rave- I found your blog not too long ago:) I LOVE the house you found!!! How exciting for you two. Will this be the first time you'll have a place just the two of you? It will probably feel really quiet at first. Matt likes the apartment too:)

  2. It's so cute! I love historical homes :) And just so you know-Ingrid Michaelson is 1 of my fav's!!! I have a bunch of her stuff on my i-pod, and I could just listen to your blog all day. Keep posting!

  3. Jana - Dustin and I lived (just us) in a teeny-tiny home in Rome, GA the first year of our marriage. This will be the first time in 2 years that it will be just us! I am definitely gonna miss our friends, but I am so excited too!

    Carrie - I love historical homes too...they have soo much character! Oh, and Ingrid is great! Sometimes I pull up my blog just to listen to the music!

  4. Love the new place, inside and out! Can't wait to see it after it's been "Raven-ized!"

  5. Super- du- per Look at you two , you are moving on !!!! So proud of you both . Looks beautiful !!!! When can i come . Aunt JK

  6. Raven I am so excited for you two! What a beautiful little love nest! I am still trying to figure out this post a comment thing. ;) Love you lots! Jessica

  7. Super Raven, great place... I know you two are going to love it! Looks like a really nice area too! I love the accompaning music!!! Good choice!