Monday, June 28, 2010

Spare Time....Few & Far Between

I wish I had more time than I actually do to devote myself to the things I actually really enjoy doing.....I am sure everyone reading this can agree with me.  For me, those things vary but tend to stay in the general realm of sewing, crafting, thrifting, decorating and any thing in between.  I LOVE re-purposing things, maybe because it's saves me a trip to the store which = saving dustin money. I just wanted to share some of those pictures, and if you're interested I can pass along any how-to's, that's if I can find the instructions or remember how I did it!
I made this little pouch for my sister Riley. It was pretty simple, just felt, a few stitches and a button!

Juliana's Coffee Sack Dress...I found a tutorial on this blog lil blue boo.  She's got some really cool DIY projects, which I love!

This is a fleece blanket where I cut out a scalloped edge and hand stitched and edging....fleece iso awesome and conveniently doesn't ravel, so it didn't need the stitching, but I thought it added a nice touch!....I also made little Juliana a onesie with an Iron-on transfer.  It's kind of a funny thing because before her parents revealed her beautiful name, her dad would tell people they were deciding between Mary Magdalene and Elvira!  The green socks in the corner are tiny leg-warmers for the oh-so-stylish Juliana!  So easy to do and I used a pair of old (clean!) socks that I hated to part with but couldn't wear because of an annoying hole in the toe!  Here's the tutorial from another blog I love to check in on... Samster Mommy

Lastly, for now, I have tried my hand at embroidery, which I have learned I really, really like.  I made my step-mom a sachet-type pouch and filled it with some incredible mulling spices! I thought the typography was beautiful and so I figured out a way to stencil it onto the fabric and then stitch over that...not too bad.  I am also working on another little dress and got this goofy bird pattern from a book I have.  Which reminds me that I have yet to actually put the dress together!  Sheesh!  I will post a pic when I get it finished!  

As for now, that's all that I have photos of to show, but I will be posting some of my latest yardsale deals!  Love it!

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  1. Love the crafts love the girl and the boy!!!! The Rave we miss you and Dustin! Heard you were in Chattanooga a week or so ago. Your blog is the coolest! Take Care J

  2. Thanks Janelly! We were in the area for a short time that was really all a blur!

  3. You rock!!!! google tula pink. You will love her fabrics and she has a blog as well... I love and miss you.

  4. I do love her fabrics!!! Thanks for letting me in on her awesomeness! I love and miss you too, glad you love Ingrid!

  5. Cute, cute, cute!!! I love all of your creations. In all your spare time (yeah, right!)I know you are going to come up with something precious for Baby Boy Whaley. Love you!