Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

Dustin and I made a trip to our friendly, neighborhood thrift store this morning.  Downtown Lansdowne reminds me a little of my home town's main street.  Small, homey and full of cute little shops and businesses.  Unlike Chickamauga, Lansdowne has two or three little thrift stores that I LOVE!  They are within walking distance of our home which makes it really easy for me to stop and rummage through on a frequent basis.

I just wanted to share my cool finds from today and from a few weeks ago.  Hope you enjoy! Oh, I really love dishes and housewares, so you may pick up on this re-occuring theme.

First, I will begin by saying:  there was a sale.  A sale.  In a thrift store.  How does that work?

All clothing...fill a bag for $5. period.

I didn't get a whole lot, but I did score a Brooks Brothers navy blazer; originally it was $15.  I didn't fill my bag completely full and the sweet old man behind the counter wouldn't let me pay more than $3 for all the items in the bag.  I almost felt like I was stealing.  I almost begged him to let me pay the full five.  He said, "Don't tell me how to run my business".  My sheepish reply, "Yes, sir".

I couldn't find a label with the size, but it fits like a glove.

I think this would be great way to wear my blazer...jeans, white tee, blazer
Beautifully simple.

Just a comfy, hooded sweater.

Other things in my bag that I haven't shown:  red, skinny belt; some baby clothing items for my sisters. fav!

1.  Vintage Petal Dishes
My Mamaw still has dishes just like theses.  Hers are solid white.  I pretty much squealed with joy when I spotted these little beauties tucked away on the wooden shelving.  I went back to a time when I was a child eating chocolate pudding or ice cream from theses babies!  Ah, nostalgia.  Hey, for 50 cents a piece, who cares!

The red matches my nail polish...we belong together.

2.  Solid Copper Mug
Dustin found this treasure...again 50 cent satisfaction.  
The bottom says, "West Bend Aluminum Co.  West Bend, Wis, USA SOLID COPPER"
How manly...made in the USA, Solid Copper, it dates back to 1955 and has something written in Greek on the front.

3.  A Vintage Fire King Planter
This was either 50cents or a dollar.  I love the milk glass look.  Also made in the USA and useful for almost anything.

 4.  Pretty China Pattern
An incomplete set, but that's how I prefer it.  I mean, I think it's more fun to have a mixed up collection of dishes, than all of the same kind.  Aren't these so pretty?  I think they are from the 70's.  Made in Spain by Pontesa.  The Castilian Collection, in the Toledo pattern.  Price tag: $3

A few weeks ago, at another local thrift, I found some really cool items, that I am debating on selling.  This store is a little more pricey than the one above, but they still have some pretty amazing deals.

First, I must say that I have been drooling over Pyrex nesting bowls for forever!

Can you believe that an entire set was only $2.50?  Nowadays, a full set of these beautiful bowls can cost anywhere from $60 - $120.  Consider yourself lucky if you find even one of these at a thrift store or yardsale.  I usually spot these in antique stores, for $20 each, if they're not in a set.  

Friends, I got lucky.

Granted, it's not a set and it's a later version of the nesting bowls, but I am on my way!

Did I mention that my grandmother owns a full set?  They were a wedding gift for her and my Pappy.  I am hoping that one day I inherit that set.  I will keep it forever and ever and pass it down for generations to

Okay, I will make the last two quick....

Vintage Sears and Roebuck Percolator.  "Maid Of Honor" edition
Let's bring back the percolator....

Lastly, this item was not thrift store bought.  It was sort of inherited.  My step dad was cleaning out one of his rental properties and found this old industrial scale.  I thought it looked cool and vintage and he needed to get rid of it.  Instead of killing two birds with one stone, two birds were made happy with one worm...does that work? Whatever.

It was made in 1941and weighs up to 20lbs.  A simliar scale from this same company costs $80 - $200.  Great find.

There you have it.  What a wonderful day it has been!

Keep posted,

the rave


  1. WOW E WOW! I would be hitting up your thrift shops up every weekend. Great finds!

  2. Love you and your amazing thrifty finds!! I am so impressed. Can't wait to check them out tomorrow night!

  3. Thankyou for helping me identify my castillian pot!!x

  4. only 3$ for pontesa?? people are crazy, you are soo lucky!!