Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Made It!

I have been meaning to post these for a week now.  I just completed three sewing projects and I think they are so cute!

1.  A Dinosaur Tail!

I made this for my nephew Miles.  I haven't mailed it out yet because I am thinking I will have a few nephews who will be wanting to join in on the fun!  To make you own check out the tutorial from Running with Scissors.  This was so easy to make.  It took me only 3 hours.

2.  Flannel, Hand-Embroidered Dress

I started making this over a year ago.  I just got tired of it, I think.  It was really pretty easy to make, the elastic around the arms was the trickiest part.  My favorite thing about it though is the embroidered birdies!  I think they are so cute!

I got the pattern for the dress from Leila and Ben and the pattern for the embroidery is from Jenny Hart's book Embroidered Effects.  It has a lot of really cool embroidery patterns that aren't too "granny-ish" and it's good for beginners to.  She explains things really well and has awesome diagrams.

3. Re-fashioned Cardigan with Rosettes

I didn't sew the cardigan, I just added the rosettes.

Here's what's funny about this:

The sweater was a hand-me-down from a Canadian friend of mine.  It fit great, the sleeves were long, the hem hit me at my hips.  It was great. 

Then it got washed. And dried.

No worries though.  Cropped cardi's are in style.  Three-quarter length sleeves, bottom hem at my natural waist.  Still very cute and my favorite sweater!

Then it got washed.  And dried.  Again.

Big problem.  I am not that small.  This is my favorite sweater.  What I am going to do?  I will not throw it away!  Then I got a really great idea after walking through Target's children's clothing department.  And....


Check out this great tutorial at Little Birdie Secrets

I used hot glue to keep the rosettes in place and then hand sewed it to the sweater.  It took maybe 30 minutes. No lie.

I will tell you all about my Vermont ski trip on my next post later this week.

Keep Posted,

the rave


  1. You are so smart and creative! I know you got it from me! Ha! NOT! Truly I love every one of your newest creations! And I love the new pic of you & Dustin! Oh yeah, I love you too! Can't wait to see you!!! Mom

  2. Love all the projects! I can say with confidence that the dinosaur tail is going to be a hit with a certain blond haired boy. We had all 3 boys here Saturday night. So fun! Miles kept us laughing all evening. We've been trying forever to get him to say "Miles" when we ask what his name is. He finally made the connection and was so proud of himself. He would do it, then say, "Clap! Clap big!" It was so cute! Then we told him he was so smart and he responded, "I not mart (smart)...I two." Hilarious. Can't wait for your next visit. We all miss you.

    Great picture of you and your hubby...so sweet.

  3. O rave, you make me want to puke...how about you just make this blanket I'm wanting to do for Brantly when you get here since you are the queen of crafts...why couldn't I have this gene? It's just not fair! At least one of us did lol! I love the picture of you and Dustin, that is so dang cute! I'm jealous of the background. It looks beautiful! I can't wait until you get here!!! Only 23 days (3 weeks and 1 day)! WOOO I miss your face! Love love love you sister!

  4. Awesome job girlie! Love the dress with the birds...Too cute!!! The sweater story is hilarious, but so adorable! :) HAHA
    Love ya!

    Stephanie Bradley Wimpee

  5. Love it, love it, and LOVE IT! You are inspiring. I have my machine out with fabric waiting. I guess I'll get to it now that I'm motivated.