Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Found It!

Okay, so there's a common theme to my recent posts...I Made It & I Found It.  It's easy. And to the point.  

This past weekend I went thrifting with a couple of good friends and it was a great day!

Beautiful weather, cheap but awesome finds, not a care in the world. Mostly.

Don't know if you know, but


Damage done: $5 for two

Cute little Amish people on a pyrex bowl, hm?....yes, please!

Next, and probably my most favorite deal of the day,

Vintage coin purse/wallet

Beautiful colors, multipurpose...

Going once....

 Going twice....

Sold! the obsessive compulsive shopper who likes to drag her friends along.... 50 cents!

Next up,
a framed sample of cross stitching.  

I love a country flair, I love embroidery of any kind, I love taking the time to create something from nothing.

I love this piece for all of those reasons! And it was $4.

I like to think about the person who took care to stitch each stitch.  I have no clue how old this is, but it says

"Let me live in the house by the side of the road and be a friend to man."

A simple mission is all I need.

Lastly,  a great find.  A rare find.

Nearly new. Kelly green. JCrew, skinny fit, cropped corduroys (Well, they're cropped on my at least, I think that's what the "S" means).

Buy these new and you'll drop about $80.

I got lucky. 5 Bucks.

They're a little snug, but stretchy enough to be okay.

Who knows, I might end up selling them.

I did get a few other things that I didn't take pics of.

A couple of Little Golden Books for my new nieces and nephews (10cents each).  A softball for Dustin (50 cents).  A nice dry-fit exercise shirt (25 cents).  And four bread pans ($1total) for my herb garden this spring! Oh, and a vintage mini-bundt cake pan ($2).  Not for baking, but for organizing or even starting some mini sunflower seeds and letting them grow inside before transferring them to deeper soil. 

Hope you've enjoyed my finds!  I will be creating an Etsy store soon for all of my finds that I have to detach myself from....I'll let you know more about that as it progresses!

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  1. Again, such great finds! I love the old pyrex patterns too, and great cross stitch!

  2. You forgot to add, "I have these pants because my friend's booty is too large to fit into them." That's what friends are for, right? :)

  3. Your posts always make me want to go shopping with you and do some crafting with you! Date please?

  4. Oh my gosh! I am in LOVE with Pyrex. I've been looking for some pink Pyrex bowls. Looks like you found some GREAT finds! :)