Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lots to Say

Man, it's been a while.

A lot has happened since the end of April, when Cait's baby was born.

1.  Baby Caroline Olivia Brock was born May 6th.   I haven't officially met her yet :(  From what I can tell...she's absolutely perfect.  I've got some sweet baby gifts coming her way.

Hand Embroidered, Wall-Hangy-Thing
by Raven...I free-hand designed and stitched this beast.
It's definitely a place of pride for me.

It's not completely finished, but I think it's lookin' good.

I love her.

Diaper & Wipes Travel Case
I made this...I still can't believe it.

Side View...I love the yellow zipper!

Coordinating Fabrics...they look great together!

Cute Owls!  Thanks Sew-Bee-It in Ringgold, GA!

2.  Dustin graduated with his Master's degree!!!...and got a job!!!

click here if you are curious about his work.

3.  Dustin's parents came to visit and celebrate his graduation.
I didn't have to cook or clean the entire time that Kim was here.  It was a total blessing.  Thanks Kim!

3a.  Graduation Party....phenomenal
Our church threw a party for all of the graduates at our church.  There was food, music, wine, and great fellowship.  Bob Beach, Jim Klingler and Dustin Tommey should start a band.  It was incredible. One of the best nights of my life.

4.  I've been on a homemade bread, butter, and jam making spree.  More about that on a later post.

5.  Visited a kick-butt yard sale and came home with some awesome finds.  More on that later too...sneak peek....telephone table, antique fan, and christmas ornaments...omg.

I will post very soon detailing my adventures in home-made-ness.  Let me just say, the jam is out of this world!

Keep Posted!

the rave

P.S. This makes me very's infectious.

Can someone teach me how to stomp on logs and leaves, play the xylophone and the banjo? Thanks.


  1. Raven, you are one talented chick! Glad I know you!

  2. Love this blog! Raven you are talented and the pictures are always great!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I'm so jealous! I know you must have gotten that incredible talent from me! Ha Ha Ha...NOT! Luv you so much!