Monday, November 14, 2011

Pie...Oh My!

Don't have much time, but I really wanted to share some pics from this past Saturday's  Pie-Making-Class at our church.

Dustin volunteered me to attend.  I, in turn, volunteered him to attend.  We're even.

We had a blast though.  Dustin is an excellent and motivated chef/baker.  I knew he would have a great time once he jumped the hurdle of the stigma that making pies is a girly thing.

Let's just say, he's ready to impress his Nana with all of the talent he displayed (and confidence gained) during that class.

Most of the pies...Apple and Pumpkin....Dustin's has the creative pastry cutouts on top.
The Bakers and their pies.

Apple and Pumpkin....did I mention he hand-drew and cutout his "P" and leaf?!

The All-American Pie

A mix of apples....Granny Smith, Braeburn & Cortland.  It turned out to be pretty tart.

A perfectly spicy pie.  Is that a cute pie plate?!  Dustin's Aunt gifted that to us for a wedding gift, I think.

Dustin's Masterpiece
That was our Saturday morning/afternoon in a..."pie"shell....hehe.

I am on my way to do more work on the thrift store that I keep sporadically mentioning.  I have partial before and after pics too!!  Yippee!

The store is scheduled to open the first Sunday in December.  I don't have much more time to get things together.  I am soooo detail oriented too that it's difficult to get to the bigger things that need to be done, i.e. organizing and moving things into the room, when I can't stop thinking about the minor things, i.e. painting signs for clothing racks, painting bookshelves, etc.

Just a bit of background.  The thrift store is located in the a room in the bottom floor (basement-esque) of the church.  It was in a fair state of disrepair with moldy, dark wooden walls, mis-matched tile floor with random missing tiles and a bad leak from somewhere.

We've painted the walls, found and fixed the leak, and ripped up all the tiles and painted the concrete floor that was underneath.


Walls have been painted a pure white to brighten up a dark room.
These tiles were AWFUL to tear up.
Walls painted, floor painted.  GREAT Improvement.
Up close of painted concrete floor.
Dustin adding the final touches of sealer to our "glitter-fied" floor
Up close of glitter floor.  It makes me so happy!
It adds to the brightness of the room, don't you think?
 Here's the tutorial I loosely followed for the glitter floor...The Crafty Chica.

 So, I'm on my way there.  I need to do a lot more to get it ready for opening.  But I will update you as much as possible!  I can't wait.

Oh, I designed a logo for the store too.  I would love to know what you think.  I am debating on colors, mostly because, on a church's budget, you have minimal wiggle room.  So I will probably have to use any paint on hand to fancy up a few bookcases I found in the basement of the church.  We also have some red and white fabric that donated, which I think we will use for curtains on the windows and door that leads to the garden area.

P.S.  Is is a bad thing if you eat pie for dessert and breakfast?!

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  1. the thrift shop sounds amazing! Let me know when it's up and running - I would love to stop by!

  2. Love the name!

    And it is perfectly permissable to eat pie for dessert AND breakfast! YUM!

  3. Incredible makeover! Ty Pennington's gonna come looking for you! Beautiful job! And I love the name and the logo design! You're a pretty smart girl, you are. Actually, you and Dustin are a pretty smart pair! Your pies look awesome and I'm sure they taste delicious! Eat a slice for me at lunch if their is any left. Love you!