Tuesday, November 22, 2011

my favorite things: nail polish

TODAY is the DAY!  My BIRTHday!

That's right.  Viente-seis, vingt-six, twenty six, 2-6.

It's a strange feeling when you find out that other people (that you see mostly in the media) happen to be the same age as you.

For instance, my fellow twenty-sixers:

Anna Jane, Fashion Blogger.
Keira Knightly
Kendra Wilkinson
I don't feel like I look as "adult" as these girls do.  Not that I am wishing I were, it's just weird to see someone your age that seems a lot older.  I am not quite sure if that explains it.  But whatever.

So, back to my favorites.

I love nail polish!

I hate painting my own nails!

It's a disaster. every.time.

I am fortunate that I am very close to a nail place that only charges $5 to paint your finger tips.  FIVE!  I would pay five dollars every day to avoid the mess of cleaning up after my nail painting explosions.

When it comes to colors, I am a classic girl.  Red & Nude.  Those are my go to shades.  More specifically:

MAC - Shirelle
Notice my thumb....bright, cheery, classic red.
OPI - Bubble Bath
The perfect nude. I love it every time.

Here are the most recent colors I have been sporting:

Essie - Chinchilly
It looks as if it's a brownish gray, but when you are wearing purple it takes on a purplish hue.  Kinda crazy.  I really liked it though.
OPI - You Don't Know Jacque
Very dark brown, sometimes takes on a dark gray hue.  Liked it.
Since it's my birthday, I am definitely getting my nails painted! Yup.

Here's what I've been thinking: (definitely fall neutrals, I can't help myself!)

OPI - Espresso
Loving the glitter!!!
OPI - Parlez-vous
This is a soft plum color.  I think I could do that.
Essie - Glamour Purse
A milky brown, a good neutral, I think.
Essie - Very Structured
A daring choice.  A burnt sienna.  It's on the red side of things. I think it would be nice.
Essie - Bobbing for Baubles
I love this navy.  I could be sold.
Essie - Angora Cardi
Probably my least favorite, but I think it could be fun.
Oh, the decisions.

Hopefully my nail peeps will not have all of my options, that way narrowing down my selection would be easier.

But OH how I love my nails painted.  It makes me feel like a million bucks.

It also keeps me from washing the dishes as much.   I can't stand getting my nails done and then sticking them down in dirty, soapy water only for them to emerge worn and faded.

I wear my rubber gloves with pride.  I do not fear ridicule.  My nails look too hot to care!

What are your favorite polishes!?  I could use some inspiration.

On a different note...

Here's a peek at the festivities of my birthday morn. I have a great family....all over the globe.
Happy Birthday!!
You know it's your birthday when you get to eat chocolate for breakfast!
Greasy Hair & Red Beard...at 6:20 AM
Janell was responsible for purchasing the breakfast goodies.  She even got up before noon to enjoy them!

Amy, starting her celebration of my birthday with a glass of water.  So exciting.
Caleb is so happy that it's my birthday (or that we are eating chocolate croissants) that he grew a second head. 

I'm off to the shower to shave these furry legs and get ready to fancify my nails.

Hope you all have a wonderful day during this celebration of fun!  Oh, and thankfulness.  I can't forget the turkey.

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  1. I love Greasy Hair and Red Beard! :)

  2. Me too!

    And I really love OPI-Bubble Bath nail polish. It's the perfect almost-non-color!