Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June = Wedded Bliss = Chaos!

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post, but June has been SO crazy!  Dustin and I have traveled back and forth between Philly and Georgia this month to be at my sister’s wedding and then his best friend’s wedding.  Unfortunately, these two very important weddings happened to be neatly spaced two weeks apart.  So instead of extending our stay in Georgia, I had to fly down for the first wedding to stay only 3 days and then fly back to Philly and work a full week, attend a graduation commissioning the following weekend, work a full week, fly back to Georgia and be a part of my sister’s wedding only to return to Philly Sunday night completely exhausted and wake up to take on the world of retail the next morning.  Sheesh!  I get tired just reading about it!  Anyways, amidst all of the chaos I wasn’t savvy enough to take tons of pictures, only a few L.  I do want to fill you on some other things that are playing out in the background of my life, like my vegetable garden, my soon yet stressful move across…somewhere that we haven’t decided, and some of my hobbies…Here are few pics to keep you coming back!  

Una Fiesta Para Mi Hermana y Sus Chicas!!!  Arriba!! 

The Bridesmaids + The Flower Girl....Erin Miller!

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