Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pretty Please With A Cherry On Top?

There is something about a beautiful wedding that makes my heart skip several beats....not flatline, just pitter-patter.  Maybe it's the romanticizing about life long love and companionship or the thought of uniting two separate, beautiful lives into one equally beautiful life.  Maybe it's just the stunning dress and the sharp suited tux or the good food and good times.

Right now, I feel like I am at the crest of the phase of my life where everyone around me is getting married and soon everyone around me will be having babies.  I have attended three weddings this summer, have been invited to at least two that I was unable to attend, and have kept up with many more on the beloved world of Facebook.  Weddings are everywhere!

I loved my wedding....outdoor reception, gorgeous dress, good food, handsome groom :)  All the little details that can go into putting a wedding together make me so happy.  I love the creativity and thoughtfulness that have been put into the different weddings I have attended and those that I love to view online.  Speaking of which, my entire inspiration for writing this post is a recent wedding I was made aware of from a blog I love to read (Design Sponge).

If I had seen this before Dustin and I were married, I would have definitely put on my whiskers and copy-catted every detail of this wedding!  I have combed through every picture and every detail, multiple times, ooh-ing and ahh-ing at perfect little touches that make this wedding simply beautiful.

Next big shin-dig I have my hands in, will definitely reflect some cherry-loving, mountain-veiwing, vintage-inspiring details.  I have two more sisters left to be married off....hmmm... :)

Moutainous View....haybales, really?  There are butterflies doing somersaults in my tummy!

Beauty defined....kraft paper linens...stained, wooden, folding chairs...white, stringed lights....sigh, I'm in love!

It's all about the details!  For place settings, they traced a scalloped plate (so stinkin' easy) and the napkins are dish, love, love!

Two words...yum + so stinkin' cute...ok four words!  Again, brown paper lunch sacks, seriously, could it really be that simple?

I already have an obsession with glass bottles and jars, so seeing sweet little flowers tucked so daintily into these classic containers brings a tear to my eye.  Also, how cool is it to decorate your cake with cherries versus the typical flower arrangements?  I am all for thinking out side of the box...clearly so was this bride!

Words cannot describe how this cabinet makes me feel.  End. Of. Thought.  Also, drinking from a mason jar is one of my most favorite nostalgic things ever!

So what do you think?  Am I crazy to be so crazy about this wedding?  I think not.  Check out more pics of the gorgeous wedding with the details of who, what, where, and when on my favorite blog Design Sponge.

That's it for now.

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  1. Get married again! I drink from a Mason jar!!! Pink Lemonade!