Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Why Must I Love Crude Humor + Tommey Family Visit

I can't believe it.  What seems like a month ago has already turned into a year.  Yesterday seems so near and yet the days keep on moving right on by; unlike a slow and steady train making it's way along sure and tangible tracks, my days fly by like the roadrunner on crack.  So long Wile E. Coyote.  Hello mayhem.

Dustin left for a 4 day conference in Chicago this morning.  So jealous.  How I would love to spend this week in the Windy City instead of in the whirlwind of Back to School Madness.  I don't think a whirlwind carries quite enough potency to describe the Back-to-School insanity at Staples. Christmas at Staples doesn't even hold a candle to Back to School time at Staples.  Trump Card please!  Regardless of the number of hours I work this week, I do know that my adorable husband will not forget to bring his work weary wife (say that three times fast!) a fabulous souvenir home from Chitown. "Ahem"...babe, are you reading this?

Dustin's parents came to visit this Labor Day weekend along with cousin Matthew (just for one night) and we had a blast!  Dustin and I....really just Dustin....have given a lot of Philly tours to friends and family since we've lived here.  This trip, we gave his parents a lot of re-run tours (who doesn't love a good re-run!), things that Dustin and I have seen or experience countless times, i.e. Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Cheesesteaks - a 1,000 times over, Eastern State Penitentiary.  But, we had several "firsts" this time too, like.....

Our First PHILLIES Game!
Phils vs. Brewers - GO PHILS!

Topped off with Chickie's and Pete's famous CRAB FRIES...drool!

JACK'S FIREHOUSE - across from Eastern State Penitentiary

We loved this place!  A little more expensive than you would normally expect to pay for lunch at a restaurant, but after the experience we had, it was oh-so-worth-it!  Upon first glance, I read right through the word Firehouse and didn't realize that it's really a real firehouse.  It hit me once I noticed the brass fire poles stretching from floor to ceiling.  It's obviously no longer used for it's original purpose but it still has the look of a 19th century fire station.  After being seated and really digging the looks of the place, we were served our water from a chilled, vintage glass, sigh....then after ordering the waitress brought out fresh, homemade, buttermilk biscuits and mini-cornbread muffins with, also homemade, strawberry preserves. Double sigh.

Once our food had arrived, we took a moment to gaze in awestruck wonder at the some of the most deliciously captivating entrees that we had ever laid eyes on.  I ordered the breakfast quesadilla which was generously stuffed with the most perfectly cooked eggs, thick strips of bacon and spicy, pepperjack cheese.  I am regretting not taking a picture of this before I devoured it...darn.  Wait!  Googleimages to the rescue!
After our meal, which filled us to the brim and then some, our waitress brought us the check along with a little gesture of hospitality.  Seriously, this is my favorite part.  Accompanying our bill were fresh, steamy, melty, chocolately,smelly-goody, home-stinkin-made, complimentary (what!) chocolate chip cookies!!!!!!  This restaurant will forever be distinguished in my mind as a restaurant above all others.  Who does that?  Complimentary homemade cookies?!  It was like a cleansing the palette thing they do at some Asian restaurants with sherbet, except warm and chocolate. yes ma'am!  I was super impressed, if you can't tell. Come to visit me in Philly and I promise I will take you there!  Please come, be my excuse to go!

Lots O' Fun with the Tommey's!

I have been watching YouTube videos too much lately, only because they make me laugh so hard!

Antoine Dodson - Bed Intruder Interview & Song
"run and tell that, run and tell that, homeboy, home, home, homeboy"

I'm on a Boat - *Warning* the f-bombs are "a-flyin" "I've got my swim trunks & my flippy-floppies"
i confess...i don't know why but this is soooo funny!  call me scum, but I can't stop laughing!

If you can handle all the obscenities, please check out Burt & Ernie's's so wrong it's funny!
Sesame Street Rap

Lastly, i heart Flight of the Conchords....
My favorite video of the week...Business Time....border-line raunchy, but not really.  Best line: "That's why they call them business socks"
"It's business, it's business time"

It's also 1AM....I'm so out!

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  1. Raven, you really have a way with words... and the pictures I could just reach in and eat that great breakfast!!! Glad you guys had a great visit with the Tommey's!!! We miss you! Davo and I need to make a visit soon!

  2. Janell! We would love to have you and David come visit! You guys would love eating at Jack's Firehouse....we would give a grand tour of the city as well. The weather is perfect up here, it would be a great time for visiting!

  3. Such a great post Raven. You've captured the Matt and Jana spirit to a T! I have to check out the restaurant you mentioned and you know we dig all the vids you called out!