Saturday, September 25, 2010

Baby Hud + Big Boy Miles

My youngest sister is having a baby soon and I definitely wanted to make her sweet baby boy something. Boys are so much harder to make things for than girls.  They are tons of girl-y things to make but no so much for the boys.  I bought a cute book of baby things by Lotta Jansdotter...very cool girl...and it has so many cute boy/girl things to make.  I chose this giraffe rattle a) because it's NOT clothing (baby's get so much of that) and b) it's fairly simple to make.  I picked out a grey fabric from Ikea...also neutral and fairly modern...and when I cut out the two pieces the one side (first picture) came out with the pattern and the back side was totally solid grey.  For me, that wouldn't do.  Fortunately it gave me the chance to get ultra crafty and test out my hand embroidery skills...i love doing that.  I definitely like the embroidery side the best.

Embroidered Side of Rattle

Upclose View of Stitching : Hudson (his name)

Another fun thing that I love to do....t-shirt transfers!  It's a great way to make plain ol' onesie's really fun!

What could be funnier than this?...

Quote: "I pity the foo...who changes this diaper"

Also, one of my sweet nephews, Miles had his 2nd birthday in August.  What do you get a two year old? Toys? Clothes? No! A hand made Monster Buddy of course!  

Again, this is from the same book as the Giraffe Rattle.  Props to Lotta.  This is so easy to make, really.  It's so funny to look at that mischievous face.  
Bottom line...Miles hated him.  So typical.  His older brother, Ethan, loves Monster Buddy.  He always comes through for his Aunt Raven.  He makes my heart smile.  Every. Time.

P.S. His arms and feet velcro! What's not to love?
P.S.S.  I made him out of a bed sheet I bought at a goodwill for $1 (i did wash it first!)

Here are all of my precious nephews:

Baby Hudson....Due November

Miles....cute, cute, cute!

Ethan.....the coolest 2nd grader I know

Byron....aka Baby B....ruff & tumble!  He knows no pain!

Brennan....hilarious! He's so smart and so clever.  His age is deceiving of his ability to understand the world around him.

Jackson.... Two words. Heart. Breaker.

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  1. WE LOVE the items you made for baby Juliana!!! You're super crafty!