Sunday, December 5, 2010

Georgia On My Mind + Cute Advent Calendar

Nothing is worse than feeling like you're missing out on something.  I feel like that a lot when I think about my nieces and nephews. Speaking of which....

My youngest sister just had a baby.  Boy, is he the cutest thing ever.  Sweet, Hudson.  I have a video of him sleeping and making the sweetest faces.  My heart melts every time.

My other sis is having a baby in the spring.  I got to be the at doctors office with her when she found out that she's having a boy!  What an incredible place to be.  The gender doesn't matter to me, what matters is that my sister is bringing to life a little human.  Humility and grace, wrapped up in a moment of glimpsing the ultrasound and realizing that what is moving around on the screen is a real person. Wow.

P.S. everyone I know is pregnant right now, it seems.

My brother's wife, is pregnant with a child.  Gender is a mystery still.  Can't wait to know though. He's go two boys already.  A third would be great, but a girl would be so special too.  

Also, my husband's cousin is pregnant.  Due in the early spring I think.  Her and her husband aren't going to find out what the baby is until it's born.  How fun!  I love surprises, but I also loving finding out the surprise before hand... I was the child who didn't want to ruin her Christmas surprises pre-Christmas day.  However, I couldn't help peeking at what my brothers and sisters where getting!  

I am super excited about all these new babies.  Sometimes I get pretty down when I think about how fast they will grow up and how I will be missing out on a lot of their lives and experiences.  

All I can do is learn to make the most of it when I do get to spend time with them.  For them, they will always have an aunt who will spoil them!

Check out these sweet faces that I got to see this past week:

Hudson the cutest reindeer!
Miles...Chocolate Chapstick...the gift that says it all.
Miles, Dustin, Me, and Ethan...What a funny picture!

Okay, so Georgia was great.  I saw my parents, grandparents, and I got to spend some QT with my sibs and their kids.  Most importantly I got to see the new baby.  He was so precious. I love him!

Last thing I want to share with you is my latest craft.  I made an Advent Calendar over the course of a week.  I spent HOURS hand sewing 24 ornaments, felt pockets, and the numbers.  I really would have loved to have kept this, but really it was intended for my sweet nephews (see pic above) and their parents.  I always loved getting to countdown the days until Christmas with our calendar when I was young.  I hope they'll enjoy it as much as I did.

Here you go!  Let me know what you think!  I followed a sew along on a blog I follow Homemade by Jill.  She has some great tutorials if you're into that.  I definitely am.

Ethan made one of the ornaments...see if you can find it!  It's a dinosaur.  What could be more perfect than a handmade dinosaur on a Christmas tree?  He drew it, I cut it out, I threaded the needle, He sewed it by himself.  It's perfect!

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