Monday, December 12, 2011

Long Overdue....

Time has flown by....I haven't posted in almost a month, but I have done a decent job of taking pictures of things that have been keeping me so busy.

This is a long post, but it's mostly pictures.

Let's pick up where we left off, shall we?


Favorite eatery within a mile of our house:

Manakeesh...Lebanese Cuisine

I had the Shwarma and Dustin had the Tawook...basically marinated beef and chicken on flatbread.  This place is so good!

Arrive home, to find that I have a pinata with my, age...on it.  My friend Amy made it....I am still not sure how she pulled it off....but it was SO fun!!

After swinging a broom handle at cardboard numbers, I was presented with a treat...pumpkin brownies!  So yummy!  It was fresh out of the oven.  So fresh, that the candles melted after being in the "cake" for only a few minutes!

A week later....

Peter and Potter got engaged!!  WooHoo! (on her birthday...sneaky Peter!)

Cookies were made....

This is Dustin's GingerBug...I'm kind of creeped out.

Stockings were finished and hung...(ahem...fully lined, hand embroidered, foldover took forever!)

I used old doilies as an accent on the girl's stockings and touch of chambray on all to tie them nicely together.

Narnia came to town...

and the tree was lit...

Just yesterday was the grand opening of the Re:purpose Thrift Shop that I have been working on for months....

See the before pictures here.

There it life over the past three weeks.  Surprisingly, I'm still sane.  I think.  Ask Dustin, he'll be able to answer that better.

Hope you guys are having a very Merry Advent season!

Keep Posted,

the rave

P.S.  He's coming!....3rd Week of Advent, read this.

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  1. Wow,Raven! I am so impressed with the Thrift shop. Instead of being someplace sad and messy like most are, it looks like a consignment boutique. Way to go!

    You really make your old A. Holly proud, kiddo!