Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene = DIY Time

We survived a hurricane.

I'm not being sassy, I'm being truthful.

We were very lucky here in West Philly (at least my block) because we didn't experience any power outages, not fallen trees, no flooding.  Just a few scattered branches and  a lot of heavy rainfall.

We were lucky.

One block north of our street, there was a tree that had snapped in half and totally smashed a parked car.  It looked so bizarre.

Here's what I'm really trying to say:

In the midst of people scurrying around to round up a weeks worth of supplies for possible power outages, we were buying lumber our local Lowe's to build a DIY farmhouse table that I've been eyeing on Pintrest.

Let me tell you.  It's the bomb.  So beautiful.  You should build one too!

Here are the pics.

He's not stressed, just working it all out in his mind.

The bones

Conditioning the top boards - pre staining

TA-DA!  Ain't she a beauty?

Bad pic.  I was trying to show the distressing I did. 

The Carpenters - Karen and Richard were "no shows" :)
Great job, fellas

So there it is.  Our Hurricane Irene project.  Here a tutorial if you're interested.  Discovered via Pintrest.

Check out my friend Natalie's blog post about what she's done/been inspired by on Pintrest. 

Oh, before I forget...I conjured up a sweet little gift for my niece Caroline, whom I haven't met yet, but will be seeing very soon!!

Soon-to-be stuffed, felt hearts!
They spell out her name, Caroline, beginning and ending with embroidered hearts

Eventually, they will be in a jar like this

That's all I've got for now.  But I will say that I am seeing four of my nephews soon too!  One just had his third birthday.  There will be more gifts.  I am the distant aunt, so I must bring gifts!!!  

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  1. This looks awesome! Way to make use of the extra time! And I'm glad y'all are ok. I had no idea what to believe with all the over-inflated news craziness lately. Love you all!

  2. So thankful you were sheltered from the storm! God is good all the time! Prayers were rising for you all the time! Love the hearts! Love the table! I'm forwarding your post to Lewis. Tell Dustin that Lewis will be so proud of him!