Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gettin' Ready for the Smokey's!

Mental "to-do" lists.  I am always making them, but can't ever seem to remember them.  I blame it on Facebook.  And Pinterest.  And Etsy.  And...the list could go on.

I have to write things down.  I haven't been doing a good job of that for the past month.  Changes.  They throw me off, in a big way.  I need my planner!  Where are you??  I should probably get a new one.  This is pretty.

So as I make my mental list/i'm-looking-for-pen-and-paper-right-now, I think it would be helpful to me and maybe fun for you if I blogged this list.

Dustin and I are visiting family this Labor Day weekend in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee and we leave in two days!  Yippee!!  But I've got a lot of stuff to do to prepare.

I am getting to see a lot of my precious nephews and never-before-seen niece and I've gotta bring gifts!

Miles turned three a week ago.  He needs presents!

Caroline hasn't seen her auntie since she's been alive!  Major gifts needed here!

Hudson has a beautiful, sweet face (and great hair for being almost 1!).  That baby needs to know his aunt loves him!

Brantly.  The kid has to wear braces on his legs.  Everyday.  He's four months old.  Gifts willingly jump into my arms when I am going to see this child. I'm helpless against it.

Ethan is the oldest.  Eight years oldest, in fact.  E-bo.  E-dawg.  My sweet, sweet (crazy, psycho, funny, sarcastic, clever) friend.  I must bring offerings of peace.  He must know that I love him despite my absence.

Bribery, you might say.  To that, I say....I live 800 miles away from these angels.  By pure circumstance, I get to play the role of "awesome aunt who loves to spoil her siblings offspring by bringing gifts".  Yes, I feel like I have to con them into liking me.  These babies haven't seen me in 4 months (or ever, for Sweet Caroline).  I'm a stranger to them.

But, I'm a stranger who brings them toys.

You can write that on my grave.  (Maybe one day, stranger can be replaced with aunt!)

Let's get this list started: (i'm crossing them out as i go)

1. PACK BAGS (check the weather!)
-tennis shoes & socks (outdoors?)
-flight info.

2. CINNAMON ROLLS - bring the recipe, get ingredients in TN. (bring your maple flavoring...that *@$# 's expensive!)

3. GIFTS (italics = project NOT finished)
-baker's cards for Riles
-heart garland and heart letters for Sweet C
-books for Ethan
-milk jug catchers & ball - Ethan
-teething necklaces - Candice, Caitlin, Riley
-book, wings, cardboard guitar, homemade playdough - Miles (birthday, so yeah, he's getting more)
-ToyStory3 blocks- Hudson
-brace cushion - Brantly

4. CRAYONS + ICE TRAY - fun craft with kiddos

5. UPLOAD PEN PICS TO USB - for dad's website.

6. GROCERIES - just a few things
-paper towels
-vanilla yogurt

7. CLEAN ROOM - yuck

8. HANG MAP - over bed

9. LAUNDRY - tomorrow

10. SHOWER - eh, I'll get to that eventually.

Okay, enough fiddle-fartin' here.  I've got to get something done.

Any advice on how I'm gonna be able to do all of this in 2.5 days, let me know!

Gotta run.

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  1. Lol Hudson is going on 1 in November. He looks 2 though haha


  2. Really?? Oh my goodness...It doesn't feel like he was just born! I should have known that though. His gifts will be doubled for that mistake!! I love you both!