Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lord, Bless This Coffee Mug-Loving House

Moving is for the dogs.

Sweat. Muscle Aches. Grime. Basically, I am a wuss.

But we have finally moved into our new home!  Most everything is unpacked, but there is still a lot left to do. I have sweated through my clothes every day for the past week.  No lie.  It's hot.  Moving, unpacking, and cleaning make me pour sweat.  Regardless, I LOVE THIS HOME!

It's so beautiful and spacious.  It's so close to so much.  It's right on the corner, which means we have extra windows that most row homes lack and that means that we have tons of extra light.

But my favorite thing about this place is the people that I get to share it with.  The Lord has for sure blessed Dustin and I with some truly incredible friends. I don't really have the words to describe them at the moment, but for example, last night we had a "Bless the House" Party.  Only five of the six of us were here, and we had breakfast for dinner and afterwards walked from room to room praying for various things associated with each space and then anointing the doorways with oil.  We wrapped it all up by midnight with a simple communion feast: a slice of Stroehmann's bread and half a glass of boxed white wine.  Classy.

God is good and He has given us way more than we could have ever asked for.  No question about it.

Apart from the house life, I SOLD MY FIRST (two) ITEM(s) ON ETSY! WOO HOO!  I am so thrilled with that small success.  The two vintage luggage pieces were bought a few days ago and it made me feel like a million bucks to see that I had a payment confirmation message in my email!  I have definitely been slacking for the past week on all fronts concerning the internet and social media, but hopefully in the next week I will be back, full force.

Well, there's lots to be done today on this new house.  Sorting, organizing, cleaning....never-ending tasks.  Hopefully we will get to put up some pegboard in the kitchen today, for all of the pots that are just lying around.  Also, we have enough coffee mugs to outfit a small thrift store.  Never buy new coffee mugs your local thrift store and buy those ugly mugs.  Somebody needs to. Why do six people need/have fifty mugs??  We love coffee, yeah, but really?  Another post for another day, I guess.

Enjoy your Saturday!!

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  1. I'm so proud of your sales and so proud for you all with your new home!!!!!! I really can't wait to see it and meet your new friends! I love you and miss you so, so much! I'm ready to see some pics when you get a chance! Enjoy your day!