Monday, August 15, 2011

Settling In

Okay.  So it's been a while.

You'll be very happy to know that I have taken a few pics of the house since we've settled in a bit, and I am going to share them with you today. Yipee!

Don't expect a lot.  I am not an interior decorator.  We are combining four homes into one. We are making it work.  Eclectic is something I've always wanted to be.  Usually I am neat and tidy (I still am, now I can also say eclectic!).


The bookcase my dad built.  He's always overflowing with a wealth of knowledge.  I'm talking about the bookcase.

Musical corner.  Ladies, if you're husband/boyfriend owns a guitar, purchase him a Hercules Guitar Hanger.  It will make your life, and his, so great.

A view from above.  This is our living area.  There are a lot of characters that make up this space.  Are you ready to meet them? 
We have A LOT of natural lighting in this house.  It's great.  Who needs electricity anyway??  I do.  I know.

Yellow + Velvet = lots of class.  Her name is Fancy.  I just made that up.

This is Karlstad, call him Karl for short....he's great for sitting and sleeping.

Nostalgia.  I have plans to refinish this telephone table. Right now, it is our radio table (great radio, right?!).  She is nameless for now.  Maybe her name can be Nostalgia.  Okay, it is.

Old Man Whisky.  He's having a hard time deciding where he's male or female.  I think of him as a stout old man, but he's wearing a skirt, and his pillow is ruffly.  Identity crisis, I guess.

Great for reading or anything that requires focus.  No slouching here, Gertrude.

Gertrude's counterpart, Milton.  He rocks.  Literally, he is a rocking chair. 

Don't they look so happy together?  I think one day Milton will have new cushions.  For now, he's happy.  (Ignore's out of place). 
Ah, the land of opportunity....or brotherly love?  And lots of other things probably too inappropriate to mention.


We don't have a table yet.  We are looking for a large table that would seat at least 10 and up to infinity.  A table with leaves would be great.  This is not a "want" ad.  I am just telling you.

Our dining room bookshelves....really, they're more like "stuff shelves".
On the left side, we have all of our plates.  Cake plates, pie plates, serving dishes, dinner plates and dessert plates.  We could probably set a table for 30 or more.  This zone is a work in progress.
As you can see,  our books spilled over from our shelves in the living area to the shelves in the dining room.  Doesn't this look like a Barnes and Noble set up?  What an awesome tree book.
Our things go together quite nicely, don't you think?
That big pasta bowl is one of my favorites.  It has/had four smaller dishes, perfect for any type of meal, not just pasta.  We accidentally broke one.  So now we have three.  It's a sad story. :(
Strawberry Shortcake, anyone?


My most favorite room in the house!  I love the kitchen.

My favorite piece of furniture in the whole house. Thanks yard-sale.  Thanks dad.

Chalkboards are always fun.
Inside the cupboard.  A baker's delight. I love jars. 
I had to combine a lot of duplicate items.  A little masking tape label never hurt anyone.

LOVE this thing.  No more fumbling through bottom cabinets to keep your pots and lids in order.  Success!
This is our soon to be coffee corner.  There will be chalkboard shelves for our mugs.  Soon enough, Lord.  Soon enough. 
They taunt me everyday.  I will conquer you sooner than you think, little mugs. 
Also a success.  No more chunky knife blocks...lots more counter space!  This should be in the homes of all.  Ikea...$8 or $9.  Worth it. 
We are professionals here.
We have a variety of spices.  I'm just glad I got to organize them! 
Don't they look great?

Great front porch....also great for watching neighborhood drama! 
The Stoop
The stops right in front of our house and can take you all the way to Penn's Landing.
Our actual corner 
Just wanted to end on a pretty note!'s growing like crazy!
Maybe one day my bedroom will look nice enough to show you pictures of it.  Sigh.  Maybe one day.

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  1. This is SO SO exciting!! I'm glad to see your house, even if only virtually!! It's beautiful, eclectic, and homey. Makes me miss all of you even more. Love you and praying for you all!

  2. Love it! You need your porch furniture from Rome! Ever thought of a huge tray area for boots, etc. from wet/icy/snowy weather?

  3. Great idea for our shoes! I will have to do that. Thanks!

  4. I love it all!!!!! I can't wait to sit on the front porch!!!! Or on Gertrude, Milton, Karl, Fancy or Old Man Whiskey!!! Love you and I'm coming to see you and I mean it so get ready!!!

  5. Raven, it's sweet to see your touches everywhere. Every kitchen, in my childhood days, had a cabinet like yours, and we sat many an evening while we suffered through Daddy turning the dial on our old radio like Nostalgia, just as Wayne now flips channels (some things never change.) I love your home.