Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bootcamp...So Proud!

Cardio Wednesday!!

I have an extreme love/hate relationship with this bootcamp.

5:15am sucks.  Pushing my body to it's limits sucks.  Running around feeling like I have cement blocks strapped to my feet double sucks.

However, I am recovering quickly.  It's pretty amazing.  And I have a great friend that's keeping me motivated.  Thanks Aim!

Today, I was not as short of breathe as I was last week.  I did walk a couple of times, but only for a minute.  My second wind came sooner too (and third, and fourth...).

When we finish up for the morning, I always feel really good about myself.  "I'm alive. I have survived.", I tell myself.  My breathing is returning to normal, though my body is COVERED in sticky, nasty sweat.

But it feels real good.

While we were stretching during our cool down, Jerry, our boot-camp master, told us that we do a 5K every Wednesday. Every. Wednesday.  I felt so proud of myself.  Granted, that's a 5K over the span of 45min-1 hour.  Thanks reality.

I mean, it feels like we are really running a marathon, no, triathlon because it's not just running,  we are also going uphill, up stairs, doing jumping jacks, situps, and some kind of leg thing at intervals during our running.

But I felt like I had just conquered the world.

I am sure there are plenty of you reading this and thinking, "Just a 5K? I just did a 5K yesterday. In fifteen minutes. For fun.  3.1 miles, ha, I mean, good job."

Maybe one day I will do a 3 mile jog.  Just for fun.  Then again, I don't think so.

So, here's to day 4, my second day of cardio bliss.   

This is how I look while running, except I wear a bra.  Dakota, come on.  I know that can't feel good.
Friday, after my last workout for the week, I will re-measure myself and see how things are going.  I expect that I will be larger, due to muscle growth.  And maybe due to my enormous intake of homemade bread and sweets. Oh well! :)

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  1. I'm very impressed and jealous of how great you're gonna look and feel! And thanks for the email with the hurricane thingy! You were right...I loved it! And I love you too! Keep up the good work Princess!