Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bootcamp...What Have I Done!? great.

Bootcamp....just started yesterday six-thirty in the morning.

You're thinking that I'm crazy. Yep.

You're wondering why anyone would want to torture themselves in this way.  Me too.

You won't believe me when I tell you about what a deal it was.

My friend Amy and I scored a six week, unlimited session, bootcamp membership....for $35. (valued at $209. Thank you  Groupon!)

That's right, thirty-five buckaroo's for six weeks of pure joy. No, pure pain.  Yep.  Pure and joyous pain.

We took the plunge.  We needed motivation.  We needed to give the tires we wear around our stomachs (and thighs and booties) a reality check.  No ma'am, you are NOT my boss.

So, as an added form of motivation, I am going to try and blog about my bootcamp experience/success/failure at least once a week.

Amy and I are going 3 times a week...Upper Body Mondays, Lower Body Tuesdays and Cardio Wednesdays (Wednesdays make you wish you were dead...I am not smiling or laughing about this one.  I am crying on the inside).

Let's raise our glasses and make a toast to blog-accountability.

And a heart that pumps freely.

And a life full of energy.

And a body that looks good naked.

I can't pretend that this is not a goal.  I would be lying.  Don't judge, I put it at the bottom of the list. Three out of three.  Last place.  You might be scoffing, but it would be on your list too.  Maybe in invisible ink so that no one can see it but you, but that still counts as being on the list.

Here are my beginning measurements...

Go ahead and laugh.  Go ahead and cry.  I am doing both simultaneously right now.  Join my club.  It's the "I-can't-believe-I-am-sharing-my-body-measurements-with-the-public-but-I-want-to-believe-my-imperfections-are-empowering" club.

Okay, here we go....(Raven, get over your self. Come on! Just do it!)

Someone should write a book on perfection.  And how much it sucks.  Maybe I will.

Deep breath.

Deep breath, once more. Go!

Biceps (unflexed): L-10.5"  R-10.5"
Chest: 35.5"
Waist (aka,belly button): 34"
Hips (aka, butt): 39.75"
Thighs: L-23.5"  R-23.5"
Calves: L-16.25"  R-15.75

Besides the fact that I want to runaway from life after sharing that, is anyone else noticing that my left calve muscle is bigger than my right?  How strange.  I even measured twice.  So weird.

Also, I must add, for accountability's sake, that I took a small break in my writing to go an fix myself a "Janell Birthday Brownie Sundae" (amaretto soaked brownie, hot fudge, icecream, whipped cream, nuts, and raspberry puree).  Gross.  It's not gross, it's delicious.  I'm gross.  My lack of self-control, that is.    I am only helping a friend celebrate her birth.  Give me a break.

Well, this is me.  I am a real person.  Tomorrow is bootcamp, day two.  Help!

Keep Posted,

the rave


  1. I love you Raven. You should write a book. I did boot camp for six weeks and even though I hated every minute, I would do it again if I could. Keep it up and I can't wait to read more. Love you. Sandi

  2. I love you too REAL daughter! I'd kill to have those measurements! Can't wait to hear more! I love to hear about pain! Ha Ha...someone else's that is!

  3. Because of your measurements, I am temporarily hating on you and suffering from fits of soul searing envy and bitterness. But I really love and admire you, truly I do... Even through the bitterness.

  4. Way to go girl! I'm looking forward to these six weeks:)