Friday, November 19, 2010

Always Inspired

For those of you out there who have fathers, and even those who don't, I just want to share a bit of gloating joy with you this morning.

My Dad Rocks!

Yes, I am bragging, boasting, being prideful, whatever.  My peacock tail-feathers are in full display for all to see today; and boy, they are beautiful!

If you haven't seen my status on facebook, then you may not understand that I am not boasting about myself; maybe i am a little since I have the coolest dad ever!

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So my dad makes pens.  Kind of lame-o right?  WRONG! (If anyone agreed with pen-making being lame-o, shame on you!)  His pens are probably the coolest out there.  They are made of various materials ranging from exotic woods to beautifully colored, psychedelic  acrylics.  Some of the materials are even made from natural materials like deer antlers or snake skin or even coffee beans!  Yes, it even smells like the coffee!  The perfect way to start any morning, sniffing a hand made coffee bean writing instrument.  I'll take 3 of those please, with extra whip!

He's been showcasing his fine talent at the Chattanooga Market and a couple other venues in that area.  While visiting Georgia this summer I was lucky enough to tag along for a couple of hours and help him out.  Don't worry I didn't get my hands near that lathe, I am sure that would have been hell-fire and brimstones for anyone within a 10 feet radius.  However I did lend a hand in drawing in the eager customers.  A little bias never hurt anyone right?  I mean, who wouldn't want to buy a hand crafted, exquisite writing tool made by the greatest artisan in the Tri-state area?  I would. Wouldn't you? No pressure, but if you walk away empty handed sir, I will cry on the spot.  Oh? You'll buy two?  How kind of you!

Catch my drift?  I think he sold a lot of pens that day.  Due solely to his marvelous craftsmanship, I'm sure.

Oh yes, my father is awesome and incredibly talented, though he would never admit it due to his extremely humble nature.

Because he is so lowly in spirit and unknowing of his own talents, I feel it is my duty as his eldest daughter to bring to light what has so long been kept in the dark.  I am honored (and slightly embarrassed) to show you my father's debut into the world of acting.  Yes, he is a dramatist at heart, though he would never say it's true.  For your viewing pleasure.... :)

If that's not impressive enough, here's a second take....

Yes, my friends, I am always inspired.

Keep Posted,

the rave


  1. Shielding his eyes and his brain from the sun! That's awesome!

  2. LOL...tears are welling up in my eyes from laughter...thanks to you dad for being...well you. LOVE the videos! I need to see more!

  3. Making pens has to be the best hobby ever!!

  4. Truer words have never been spoken Casey. Except for maybe those spoken by that Nazarene. I think you need a Tody Brock specialty. I'll work on that!

  5. What a cool guy...could you introduce us???