Monday, November 8, 2010

You May Shed A Tear

I don't cry.  Ever. Mostly ever.

Hear me out.  I do have emotions and I do show them daily.  I just don't cry.

Though there have been few times.  (a+b) When my Papaw and dog Frannie passed I squalled like a baby (see pic below for demonstration). And (c) on occasion, when I watch a ultra cheesy movie/tv show/home video I might tear up or battle the quintessential "lump in the throat".

Case in point: Yesterday, I watched this elopement video on my go-to blog (Design*Sponge) and was taken back into time for a brief moment to my own wedding day.  No, I didn't elope. Rather, it was a large wedding.  Yes, I would love to marry Dustin over and over again.

If you cry easily, I am sure you will cry over this.  If you don't cry much, you will probably develop circumstantial allergies and shed a "watery eye" tear or maybe two. I did.  I am not ashamed.  I wish I cried more, I think it's healthy.

**Side Note:  If I don't cry at your wedding, the birth of your children or you funeral please don't be offended.  My heart feels deeply in all moments of life; just not with tears...usually (see above for exceptions).  I may dance, smile very big and goofily, or develop a very deep wrinkle between my eyebrows from all of the muscle tension it takes me to hold back my tears.  Of this I am convinced.  I love you and care for you all the same, tears or sans tears. :)

Now for the video....this is great...I wish I had a video like this of my wedding day.

we said vows. from Jeremy on Vimeo.

Aw, now wasn't that sweet?  Any tears?

After watching this video I become kind of  obsessed with wedding videos.  Since I couldn't track down my own, I decided to make my own video from some clips I had taken over the course of this last year.  Since I have a new iMac :) I have the iMovie program and therefore the capability to create my own video montages.  Which I did and am about to show you.

This is my first ever experience with this program.  I think it turned out pretty well and am kind of eager to dig up some other videos of mine and play around some more.

Second, these video pieces are of my Philly Family/Community during the Summer and insane Winter from 2009.  It's no sentimental wedding experience, but sentimental to me just the same.  I love these guys a whole lot.  I think you'll understand why after watching this video. is pretty grainy.  I shot all of this on my camera.  It's just not a good quality resolution.  I think you will still get the point! (Also you can click on the video and watch it on YouTube for the full screen. For some reason it's not fitting in my blog space).


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  1. Any tears from me??? Surely you jest! I cry if I see one person glance lovingly at another. For some reason this video had no sound when I watched it (at work) and still I cried. When I watch it at home with sound there's no telling what might happen!

  2. I'm the one that cries the most especially out of me and you and I got no tears out of that...maybe because I don't know them...not sure but it did nothing for me. I wanted to cry watching your video, partly because I could see how much fun yall had and partly because I wish I could have been there too. I wanted you gone for SO long and now that you are I just want you to come home. That makes me want to cry.

    I love you sister, I'm sorry I didn't tell you more when you were here.

    Your little sister

  3. Becca you are so funny! I love that you cry at the drop of a hat. Caitlin, I don't why you didn't cry. You must have been in a weird mood. I am glad you liked my video too. I miss you so much too. I wish I were home to be with you and the soon to be Beavers Baby!

  4. I'm not a crier either...but when I do cry it can be a flood instead of a trickle! Love your vid!