Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Meet Sasquatch

For all of you Sasquatch lovers out there....don't be too disappointed.

I haven't caught a sneaky glimpse at the beastly wonder (yet!).

Dustin and I have just taken our appreciation of the animal, no, man, um....man-imal! to a new level.

We have christened the newest addition to our family....


Yes, we have joined the dark side. 

We still own Toshi, he just has a new and improved (prettier, faster, smarter, etc) sibling.  Don't be jealous Tosh, we still love you too.

However, Sasquatch is everything we imagined he would be, though nothing that his name might suggest.

Do you see any similarities?

I think not.

We're so proud of our brain-child...tear, sniffle, sniffle.....

They do grow up so fast.

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  1. I can't see the pictures.... but is it a Mac?

  2. ack, pictures not working...I'm so interested to see!

  3. OK...I fixed the missing picture thing! Hope it works for you guys...yes, it's a mac, totally incredible machine!

  4. Your brother, Rob, the ultimate Mac lover, will be so proud!