Saturday, November 6, 2010

Avett Daddy

For those of you who love the Avett Brothers (that should be everyone!)  I am hear to say that the apples don't fall far from the tree.

Watch this video : Murder in the City

Dustin and I have been very privileged to get to know some extremely musically talented people since living in PA.  This is no joke.

At our church, there is a man who is a complete genius on the harmonica.  That's right, he plays the harmonica at our church.  At our 120 year old gigantic stone church that also houses a very huge organ and is played every Sunday too.  Yes, our church is eclectic.  We love it. Period.

Check out this Harp Jam at Bob's house: INSANE!

Back to music.  So Bob Beach is that man's name.  He's played with many different artists (including the Avett Brothers) and hosts monthly concerts at his home for traveling artists.  Which brings me to my point of writing this blog.

Last night Dustin and I walked the two blocks to the Beach House to satisfy our curiosity about these monthly house concerts and to listen to some good southern music by Jim Avett.  Yes the Avett Brothers daddy.  Like I said, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

It's true that the Avett Brothers are a genre of their own, bluegrass punk, if you will.  Their patriarch is more of a Hank Williams, Bob Dylan feel, a great sound that takes you back in time and back home, no matter where you're from.

His newer album, Tribes, is great from what I've heard of it, and he also has another album, Jim Avett and Family, that is packed full of old southern gospel hymns with tracks including his sons and daughter.  Definitely a blast from the past reminding me of Sunday morning church in Chickamauga, Georgia. One of my favorites is Down by the Riverside (Ain't Gonna Study War No More)...check it out on iTunes.

P.S. The next house concert is after Thanksgiving featuring Hoots and Hellmouth.  Don't let their name scare you.  They are incredible: Philadelphia-based they play a new style of American music for those old souls that resonate with the acoustic guitar, bass, and mandolin (like me!).

P.S.S.  I will be posting about them very soon.  I can't take all of this excitement!  If you are in the Philly area after Turkey Day, let me know we can experience great music together!

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  1. LOVE the Avett Brothers. Matt and I saw them in Portland a few years back.

  2. Cool Raven you and Dustin are great explorers of that Philly town! Good find!