Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bootcamp Challenge: Timed Mile


I feel like 10 million bucks at this very moment!


Cardio Wednesday.

Today was a special Cardio Wednesday because it was really "Bootcamp Challenge" day.

The one timed mile.

Major suck.

The winner gets a t-shirt.  That's decent.

I don't know who won yet.  We ran the dreaded mile in three waves.

BUT!!  Here's why I'm so extremely impressed with myself....

I ran the mile faster than I have ran a mile in TEN YEARS!!!

8 minutes and 21 seconds


I ROCK!  I can't believe myself....

I timed myself, on my own, on Monday....I ran a 9m30s mile.  I will pretty impressed even then.

I have no clue how I ran it in 8m21s today.

Let me re-cap it for you:

Ten bootcamp veterans are lined up on the starting line. I'm am so nervous. Jerry yells "Go" and starts the timer.  I started Lap One at a good pace, right behind 5 other girls.  I keep telling myself to "keep a good pace, don't start off too fast".  Lap Two, I was behind only 2 girls now, breathing good, pace good.  Lap Three, girl number one got passed, but girl number two was right beside me.  We were neck and neck.  I couldn't shake her.  Last Lap, I picked up the pace.  Arms pumping, legs stretching out as far as they can, heaving in air like I was fueling some kind of internal furnace.  Girl number two, passed.  I am in the lead, ya'll (Girl lead, not boy lead.  They were way ahead).  Girl No.2 is right behind me, on my heels, taunting me with her rapid breathing like she wants to run me over at any moment.  On the last curve, before the final stretch, I hear her pace quicken.  She's coming at me.  So I pick up my pace, 'cause I ain't ready to lose (P.S. this is not a competition, but somehow I made it one).  Final 100 Meters....I am at a DEAD sprint....Bustin' it.   Chugging like a crazy train.  As fast as these big legs can move.  Rockin' it.  I cross the finish line, first of the girls in my wave. I'm sucking wind, bad.  But I did it.  In 8 minutes and 21 seconds.  I did it.

I could win that t-shirt.  Maybe, just maybe.

That's all I wanted to share today.  I feel like a champion.  A hero. Like Rocky Balboa.

It's a great way to start a day.

Keep Posted,
'cause if I get that t-shirt, you'll be seeing me in it,

the rave

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  1. You're so dang competitive! I love it! I hope you get the shirt! Can't wait to find out!