Monday, October 10, 2011

Bootcamp....Crazy Friday + Tardy Soapbox Monday

Sorry I skipped on Friday's bootcamp update.

It was such a CRAZY morning.  No, day.  It was such a crazy day.

I'll quickly summarize.

Bootcamp....."Fried Leg Friday".  No more needs to be said.

Get home.  Chat with my house-mate Janell.  I have to drop her off at the airport at 11:45am, after we go to the bank, put her on our community account and deposit her rent check.

No biggie.  It's only 9:30.

So we chat.  And suddenly it's 10:30.  Time to rock and roll.  We will keep the bank trip short and sweet.

Janell: (from the second floor) "OOOOHHH NOOOOO!"

Raven: (from the first floor)  "What's wrong?  Are you okay?"

Janell:  "I thought my flight was leaving Philly at 1PM, but it's ARRIVING in Pittsburgh at 1PM.  The plane is leaving the airport at 11:45!"

Raven: "Oh better get your butt out of this door if we are going to make it on time"

Janell: (scramble, scramble.  clothes flying everywhere.  hair whipping back and forth.) 

And we are out the door.

Long story short, we make it to the airport 30 minutes before her flight leaves.

She hasn't checked in yet.

I sit in the cell phone waiting lot for her to call and let me know she's made it to on her flight.

She calls.  She's missed her flight.  You can't check in for your flight 30 minutes ahead of time.  She was ONE minute too late.


Oh well, she was able to get on the next flight.  The real 1PM flight, that she thought she was on the whole time.

It was a crazy morning.  No, no.  I meant day.  My entire day was crazy.  Crazy good.

I got home at 12:15.

Searched B&B's in Lancaster, PA for mine and Dustin's FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

Left to pick up my friend Amy from work.

Headed to the Target, after stopping at the ONLY Chik-Fil-A around these parts.

Split a No.4, 8-pack nugget meal, with extra Chik-Fil-A Sauce.

Spent an hour or two in the neighboring Target ('cause it was pay-day!).

Returned home to a delicious African Ground Nut Stew dinner, made by our resident African, Peter.

Hung out with some dear friends.

Crashed.  In my bed.  At 10PM.

NOW...on to the real story.

Bootcamp.  It's Arms Monday.

Today should actually have been called Abs Monday.  We didn't do a whole lot of arm exercises.

Let me just start by saying, the workout part was not too difficult today.  But Amy and I were....late.

Five minutes late.  For the first time since we started bootcamp.

Can you believe us?  We need to get our act together.  Honestly.

So, our friend Josh Keeney, stayed the night at our house last night because he needed to be at the 30th Street Station at 6AM to begin his 24 hour long journey to India.  Since Amy and I are up around that hour of the day, we volunteered to assist Josh by transporting him from our house to the station.  We would be headed to bootcamp anyway.  It would be on our way.

Well, I woke up and got downstairs at 5:30am.  Josh was ready to go.  Amy hadn't come down yet, so I went ahead and took Josh to the train and came back and picked Amy up afterwards.  It was ten til six once I got back home to get Amy.

By the time we got to bootcamp, the workouts had started and we were five minutes late, but hopped right in line and picked up the exercise along with the others.  No interruption.  No slowing down.  Just hopped right in.  Like we had been there the whole time.

Bootcamp master, Jerry,  pulled up aside, gave us a "special" warmup routine to do and mildly scolded us for being late.  Okay, I understand.  We were late.  It happens.

After finishing our jog with pushups and sit-ups mixed in, we join the group and he proceeds to "make an example" out of Amy and I by pointing us out and making us do a 50 crunches, run the length of the field, then do 25 full sit-ups.  Not too excruciating, just a touch over-board.

Planks. I hate them.
We are back with the rest of the group, he makes all of us do planks.  Basically, you are in push-up position, but on your fore-arms, not your hands.  Light as a feather, stiff as a board (remember that game?).  Jerry proceeds to tell us that because of the tardiness of a "few" (he meant to say "Raven and Amy"), everyone must suffer the consequences.  We had to hold our plank position for 2 minutes.  120 seconds.  Because of a "tardy" few.  Brutal.

Alright already.  Enough with the example making.  We've never been late before.  And now that we have been late by only five minutes, you are making everyone pay?  Come on.  Are you a little grumpy this morning, Jerry?

Amy, by this time, has put on her stone-cold, I-wish-you-were-dead (but not really) face.  I am rolling my eyes every five seconds and scoffing to myself because of the ridiculous-ness of this.

Once workouts are done and we are stretching out, Jerry gets on his soapbox.  Yep, he even calls it that.  His soapbox.

He takes about 3 to 5 minutes to, again, scold, "the group" for a few people being tardy.  He makes eye contact with every individual person... EXCEPT for Amy and I.

"Okay Jerry, enough is enough."
"You're messing with wrong girl, sweetheart."
Amy is ticked.  I am ticked.  Jerry is obviously ticked.  To get this kind of reaction from someone over being a few minutes late, once, seems a little absurd.  Zero tolerance doesn't work.  Jerry.

He's gotta have something else bothering him.

After class, I take a deep breath, put on my big girl panties.  Not the ones with the days of the week on them, but the ones that say "Humble yourself, Raven, even in the midst of absurdity".

So Amy and I apologized for being late.  Not because we felt like we did something wrong and needed forgiveness for it, but because we felt like Jerry was offended by our tardiness.  We told him that we wanted him to know that we do take his class/bootcamp seriously.  We weren't intentionally late. (I shouldn't say "we".  I can only really speak for myself. Sorry Amy.  So take "we" to mean "I").

He didn't return the apology for making "examples" out of us.  But I wasn't so mad at him after that.  He acted like everything was just great and said that a lot of people had been late, lately.

Basically, Amy and I were the tipping point.  The tipping point.  Great.

I feel stronger.  I feel better than I did a month ago.  I feel like the pudge around my belly is firming up.   Can't say the same for my thighs but whatever.

I feel stronger and I am proud of that.

Nobody's home to help me with my measurements, so here's to Tardy Monday and Bad Measurements....

Last Week (9/30):
Biceps - L-10.75" R-10.75
Chest - 35.63"
Waist - 34.25"
Hips - 39.5"
Thighs - L-23.75",  R-23.75"
Calves - L-15.75",  R-15.75"

Biceps - L-10.5" R-10.5".... .25" decrease. I measure on the center of my bicep as if it were flexed.  It's not flexed when I measure though.
Chest - 34"....1.63" decrease.  I have on a sports bra, I think that was the same as last week...not sure though.
Waist - 33"....1.25" down!  I think it might have to do with my body measurement abilities...but hey, it was the same way I measured last week!
Hips - 39.5"
Thighs - L-23.75",  R-23.75"
Calves - L-15.75",  R-15.75"

Hips and thighs....what I am going to do with you.  I have always lost weight in my upper body quicker than in my lower body.  Genetics.  They can't be messed with.

That's all for today...

Keep Posted,

the rave

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