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Bootcamp is so easy!  I can't believe just how easy all this exercise stuff is.  Psshh!

I could bootcamp in my sleep.  All day, every day.

Sike.  Major, major sike.

Let's take a detour back to 1980 and explain what the word "sike", or "psyche" rather, means for all of the children out there...

According to, the word sike is described as follows:

A slang term that began in the late 70's.  The word sike is used to negate what ever statement might have come before it.  It basically means, "just kidding" or "yea, right".  Usually, a pause is given between the original statement and the "sike" as to see if the original comment caused a reaction, before people realize that the person was just kidding.  It is used in exactly the same way "Not!" was used, when coined by the Wayne's World movies.

So, what I was trying to say was, workouts are hard.  Exercise isn't fun (for me).  And I couldn't do this in my sleep.  I don't know how I even wake up that early in the morning!  It's a mystery.

Cardio Wednesday.

First, let me back-track a bit.  So, I didn't post anything for Monday's bootcamp because our motivator, Jerry, was out of ATL!!...visiting his mother.

Therefore, we didn't have bootcamp on Monday.

But of course, I still held strictly to my bootcamp routine, waking up at 5:20am, warming up with a jog, followed by dips, pushups, pull-ups, and all variations there-of.  What can I say, I'm so dedicated.

Sike!  (someone stop me, before this gets out of hand!)

Yeah, I slept in.  And LOVED it.  I didn't do a darn thing pertaining to bootcamp.  Aw.  Darn.  Someone made brownies.  And I ate a lot of them.  No regrets.

No sike, this time.  I'm fo' reel.

However, on Tuesday, my b-camp buddy, Amy, and I ran to our local Shopping Bag...yes, that's what it is called...and by "ran" I don't mean that we hopped in our car and "ran" to the store.  We were on foot ya'll.  Old School.  I guess that would be a horse and buggy or just a horse, not on foot.  We were old, old school.

We were only going to maybe pick up some almonds and attempt to make our own almond's how if you're curious.  I haven't ever drank almond milk before, but Amy loves it.  The how-to video looks super fun and I'm ALWAYS up for homemade anything!  Give me a tutorial on how to turn your toe-nail clippings into a homemade body scrub and I'm on it.

SIKE!  I almost puked typing that last sentence.  Toe-nails are gross.  When I see someone's random toe-nail lying around the house, like that's okay for it to be there...I freak out.  Silently.  I'm not touching it.  Even with a broom.  Only when I vacuum the rest of the floors, do I even go near it.  And even then, I close my eyes and shudder when the vacuum sucks it up.....Ew. EEEEWWWW!

Anyways, so Amy and I ran to the store and back....I was PRAYING that we had ran at least a mile, by the way I was feeling...

Surprise!!  It was .9 miles...each way!!  That means, we almost ran 2 miles...woohoo!  Pay no attention to the fact that we did go into the store and walked around for probably 15 minutes or so.   Whatever.

Back to today's workout re-cap.

"Today is a light day", said Jerry.  I laughed.  Usually, that means, get ready for a major butt kicking workout.

But it wasn't.  I mean, it was definitely challenging and sucked all of the breath out of me, but we didn't run as much as usual.

In fact, we did more abdominal exercises.  I'm okay with that, if you mean crunches and sit-ups.

Yeah right.  Who was I kidding.  Myself, obviously.

Ever heard of a plank??  Be glad, if you haven't.

A plank is not the thing on a pirate ship that you walk off of until you drop into shark-filled, it's much worse than that.

A plank is where you are in a push-up position, but on your elbows, not your hands.  It really works out your core.

Oh, that's problem...let me stick my butt in the air and pretend like this is what I am supposed to do.

Nope.  "Raven, get those hips down"!  Eff.  He saw me.

Okay, modified plank time...easier, but still excruciating.

We did do a lot of sit-ups and crunches, but very few of the standard kind.  Today, the crunches were held in mid-crunch for 30 seconds at a time....after thirty, we didn't return to starting position...mid-air was the starting position.  From there, we did half-crunches, bringing one knee to our chest and returning to mid-air crunch....over and over and over.  Talk about pain.

Please ignore his smile...he's a cartoon and does not understand what he's actually doing.  Those swirly things around his head mean, "I'm about to pass out" not, "I'm in La-La Land".
I forgot to mention that our legs were extended, not bent and close to our booties.

Things like that...make me feel great.  Make me want to repeat the exercise. At home.  The same day.  Sike.

As always,  I felt great afterwards.

We finished up with a lap around the track, except it wasn't literally around the track.  We ran up hills, up stairs, and returned to our home base.  I am becoming able to finish up the last "leg" of the run at a faster pace.

I feel good about that.

I did that yesterday on my store run with Amy.  The last block, I chugged it.  Like a train.  It took me a few minutes to breath properly afterwards, but hey, I pushed myself.

So here's to Cardio Wednesday....A video, that's dear to my heart.  It's what keeps me going.

I would no longer say..."I'm not running up these steps".  Instead, "I did this at 5:30 this morning, and I am not doing it again"! :)

Keep Posted,

the rave

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