Friday, October 21, 2011

From Concrete To Country

Whew!  Lots has happened since my last post.

Let me update you.

Dustin and I took a little jaunt to Lancaster County this past weekend.  Being on the cusp of autumn, the tips of trees tinged with color, the air crisp and cool and fresh, it made for a glorious weekend.  I really do believe if I could choose what heaven looked like, it would closely resemble Amish country.

Making our escape.
On our way there, once we had entered into Lancaster County, I kept bursting out into song, "America the Beautiful".  I was SO distracted.  I was supposed to be paying attention to the directions, due to my lack of concentration, we had to turn around once or twice to get back on the correct route.  Oops.

Tell me this isn't the most beautiful sunset.
Our Bed & Breakfast...for the first time ever!

An old mansion, built in 1735.  The basement held the town's first jail...only two cells.

One of 6 or 7 had gorgeous sky lights in the ceiling.

Hand painted flowers decorated the entire was so beautiful.

Outside, they had gorgeous landscaping and a great fire pit with wooden benches all around.
Great view of the surrounding area.  The barn on the right is an antique store.  They had some really cool things.
Typical.  He's laughing, but this is not a friendly environment at the moment.
An Episcopal church across the street from the inn.  Built in 1722.  General George Washington attended here twice during his encampment at Valley Forge.
A beautiful, historic structure.
The church's cemetery.  President Abraham Lincoln's grandparents are buried here. His grandfather was also named Abraham Lincoln.

Secondly, after returning from my slice of heaven, bootcamp was back in action.  I can't say enough about how much I love these workouts.  Yes, I hate them while I am in the midst of it, but I feel SO GREAT after every time.  I mean, my muscles feel so solid.  Yes, they are still hidden under these stubborn layers of flab, but they are rocks!  That's relative, you know.

Compared to they way I felt, the way my body felt, 5 weeks ago, I feel like SuperWoman.

Feeling strong is a great, empowering thing.  When I flex, intentionally or naturally, I feel this rush of energy.  Like I could jump through the roof of my house if I wanted.  Or do a walking lunge to Timbuktu.  Or really, just run up and down the stairs in my house 5 million times.

Gosh it feels good.

5:30AM...who cares.

Muscle soreness...bring it.

Extra warmup laps for being early....fine, I'll do it.

I feel like a champ.  That's champion.

However, my Groupon deal ends soon.  In about a week and a half or less.  I can keep going for $75/month.  Ouch.

Bubble has officially burst.

I can't exercise on my own.  I am so un-motivated.  I won't get up at 5:30, three days a week, by myself.  I don't operate like that.

I'm sure ya'll understand.

What do you guys think??  It feels so great to have this exercise routine, but I can't afford $75 a month.  I can't justify it, even though I feel like a rockstar after every workout.

What's a girl to do??

Moving along.  I got a job this week.  I will be the Office Manager at a chiropractor's office not too far from here.  It's part time, which is super.  I will work 3 days a week and I will get paid enough to finally get health insurance for myself and to keep up the sewing and Etsy stuff on the side.  Perfect.  Really, it's so perfect.

I will be wearing scrubs on a daily basis.  Never saw myself doing that.  But I can dig it.

Oh, I officially start Nov. 2.  Only a few more weeks of no work.  I am getting my sew on while I can.

I am actually working on a blouse for myself.  Here's a preview.

I still need to add the sleeves and hem the bottom.
I am in the process of attaching the collar...I have to slip stitch it on.  It's a little time consuming.

This is back.  I am proud of my professional looking placket(?).  I still need to add a couple of eye hooks to close it up.  I think that's what they are called.

The final product should look like the yellow top in the middle.
I don't do ballon/ruffle sleeves.  Not my taste.

Lastly, the weekend after this one, I will be heading to the Big Apple with two friends to go to a Derrick Webb/Sandra McCracken concert.  We will be there the whole weekend!!  I'm really excited.

I will be listing a few more items in my Etsy store soon.  I will let you know when that happens!

Keep Posted,

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  1. I loved all the pictures! Looks like a great little trip. How was the dinner with the Amish family? As for the working should try kettlebells. There are all kinds of videos on youtube. You can get a great workout in a pretty short time with just one "bell." I LOVE them and have been trying to do it every day or 2. The first couple of times I literally could barely walk. I've ordered some DVDs and if you are interested I'd love to copy them for you.

  2. Now that's what I call an anniversary! Cute top too. I have no advice for the exercise except you have me wanting to be crazy and do a bootcamp too...but typically if the weather isn't perfect I'm not running, and that's all I manage to do. I need to get with it!

  3. 75 a month is expensive! Micah & I both go to a gym & it's 60 per month for us both. Bottom line, you have to get SELF motivated! I hate getting up at 5 am 4 days a week. But I do it! Why? Well you know. You've described it in your blog many times. You love the empowering feeling you have :) it's worth the torture & lack of sleep. So, find a cheap gym. Get a friend to go with you. Then PLAN out a routine for you 3-4 days a week. Use workouts you've done at bootcamp, or make your own. You CAN do it! I get ideas fron workout web sites. Your naturally athletic anyways girl, YOU GOT THIS!

  4. You're awesome Carrie! I needed that motivation!